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Therapeutic Massage



The Therapeutic Massage course covers the foundation skills required to perform a full-body Swedish massage for health and wellness, and operate as a professionally qualified massage practitioner.  Successful graduates will receive an International Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.


Tutor: Andrea De Souza


Cost: BDS $ 5,050.00    (exchange rate US $1 : BDS $2)


Please note that you must have an appropriate qualification in Anatomy & Physiology in order to gain an IEB qualification in Therapeutic Massage.  We therefore offer an Anatomy & Physiology course that can be studied alongside Therapeutic Massage. 


Topics covered include:


~ History of massage

~ Therapeutic massage techniques (Swedish massage movements)

~ Benefits of massage

~ Contraindications

~ Massage & bodywork theory

~ Massage & bodywork practice

~ Body mechanics and self-care

~ Practice management

~ Professional ethics

~ Case studies and externship


(300 hours minimum)


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