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Sports Massage



Sports Massage involves the use of specific advanced massage techniques geared towards anyone in need of rehabilitative bodywork or the sporting athlete.  Successful graduates will receive an International Diploma in Sports Massage.


Tutor: Andrea De Souza


Cost: BDS $ 4,250.00    (exchange rate US $1 : BDS $2)


It is essential that you have an appropriate qualification in Massage Therapy in order to study for an IEB qualification in Sports Massage.


Topics covered include:


~ Advanced massage techniques (Muscle energy techniques, NMT, lymphatic drainage, etc)

~ Pain and injury management

~ Pre-event and post-event sports massage

~ Benefits of sports massage

~ Contraindications

~ Sports assessment methods

~ Anatomy and physiology

~ Pathology

~ Hydrotherapy

~ Practice management

~ Case studies and externship


(300 hours minimum)


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