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Aromatherapy is the balancing of the mind, body & spirit (the whole person) using essential oils through touch and smell. An essential oil is the pure essence, or life force, of different parts of plants, trees, flowers, spices, herbs, berries, fruits etc and contains balancing and healing properties.  Successful graduates will receive an International Diploma in Aromatherapy.


Tutor: Ann Lewis-Clarke


Cost: BDS $ 4,250.00    (exchange rate US $1 : BDS $2)


It is essential that you have an appropriate qualification in Massage Therapy in order to study for an IEB qualification in Aromatherapy.


Topics covered include:


~ Aromatherapy history

~ Benefits of aromatherapy

~ Biology and classification of plants, flowers etc

~ Essential oil extraction

~ Essential oil constituents

~ Metabolism of essential oils

~ Study and use of 80 essential oils

~ Blending aromatherapy oils

~ Aromatherapy massage

~ Case studies and externship

~ Safety and precautions

~ Therapeutic relationships

~ Business studies

~ Research


(150 hours minimum)


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