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About Peacehaven Holistic Therapy School Inc.


Peacehaven Holistic Therapy School Inc. evolved from the desire to provide a school in Barbados that would offer a range of complementary therapy courses to international standards. The school first offered courses in complementary therapies in 2004 and has offered a range of courses and workshops every academic year since that date.


Peacehaven Holistic Therapy School Inc. is accredited by the International Examination Board (IEB) in the UK and delivers curricula to international standards. The IEB is a provider of examination systems to various training providers in the UK and throughout the world and provides quality syllabus, external examiners for practical examination and theory based examination processes. The school is registered with the Barbados Accreditation Council.


We offer small classes of approximately 6-8 students to ensure optimum tuition, and have had 100% pass rate, of which 85% have been Distinctions and Credits.


In March 2008, Peacehaven Holistic Therapy School became an incorporated company.

Our Philosophy

Peacehaven Holistic Therapy School Inc's mission is to teach a wide range of complementary therapies to the highest of international standards. 


Our environment of both challenge and support will inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through stimulating and comprehensive programmes.  The school aims to instil in each student a desire to learn and to also encourage them to meet and accept academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems.


The school strives to continually produce graduates that will perform their trained therapy with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and commitment.

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